hook [hook]
[ME < OE hoc, akin to HAKE, MDu hoec, ON hakr < IE base * keg-, peg for hanging]
1. a curved or bent piece of metal, wood, etc. used to catch, hold, or pull something; specif.,
a) a curved piece of wire or bone with a barbed end, for catching fish
b) a curved piece of metal, wood, etc. fastened to a wall or chain at one end, used to hang things on, raise things up, etc. [a coat hook]
c) a small metal catch inserted in a loop, or eye, to fasten clothes together
d) Naut. Slang an anchor
2. a curved metal implement for cutting grain, etc.
3. something shaped like a hook; specif.,
a) a curving cape or headland: used in place names [Sandy Hook]
b) a sharp bend in a stream
4. [back-form. < HOOKER1 (sense 3)] a trap; snare
5. Informal something intended to attract attention or encourage involvement; specif., in popular music, a catchy, repeated phrase, verse, riff, etc.
a) the path of a hit or thrown ball that curves away to the left from a right-handed player or to the right from a left-handed player
b) a ball that follows such a path
7. Boxing a short, sharp blow delivered with the arm bent at the elbow
8. Music FLAG1 (sense 7)
1. to attach or fasten with or as with a hook or hook and eye
2. to take hold of with a hook
3. to catch with or as with a hook
4. to attack with the horns, as a bull; gore
5. to make into the shape of a hook
6. to make (a rug, wall hanging, etc.) by drawing strips of yarn or cloth with a hook through a canvas or burlap backing
7. to hit or throw (a ball) in a HOOK (n. 6a)
8. Informal
a) to tempt or attract
b) to cause addiction to
c) to steal; snatch
9. Boxing to hit with a hook
1. to curve as a hook does
2. to be fastened with a hook or hooks
3. to be caught by a hook
4. Slang to work as a prostitute
by hook or by crook
in any way whatever; by any means, honest or dishonest
☆ get the hook
Slang to be discharged or dismissed: from the former practice of pulling incompetent actors off the stage with a long hooked pole
☆ hook, line, and sinker
Informal completely; altogether: orig. a fisherman's expression
hook up
1. to connect or attach with a hook or hooks
2. to arrange and connect the parts of (a radio, etc.)
3. Informal to come or bring into a relationship with another, as partner, associate, spouse, etc.
off the hook
Informal out of trouble, embarrassment, or a state of burdensome responsibility
☆ on one's own hook
Informal by oneself; without getting help, advice, etc.

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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